A Google Assistant Bug is Freezing the Display

Smartphones with Google’s Android operating system often have security risks. Reports of virus-prone apps in Android are not new. Now there is news of a bug found in Google’s Google Assistant. The bug, as per reports is freezing the display and may degrade it permanently.

A Google Assistant Bug is Causing the Display Freeze

Google Assistant Bug

According to the report, the screen of many smartphones is freezing as soon as Google speaks. After this the screen is always on. Due to this, the battery of the phone is running out fast.

The English website Android Police has reported to its employees that some people have given the command Hello Google, since then the screen of their smartphone is on. Due to this bug the phone is always on and does not let it lock. No other apps are working due to this bug. The big has also affected other Google smart devices as well.

Another report suggested that this bug was discovered only in September and some users have also complained about this on the Google Forum.

Despite repeated attempts, Google didn’t respond on this. There are no confirmed dates by Google by when the bug will be fixed. also no report about this bug by when it will be fixed. So, it’s recommended not to use Google Assistant for a few days.

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