Design and Develop A Website That Google Loves

If you have a business website to launch on the internet platform, Google welcomes you. Being the largest search engine across the online fraternity, Google has a number of reasons to endorse your initiative. But what happens if you displease Google with  certain activities it doesn’t like.

End result may come in the form of severe punishment or reduced rankings or complete ban from the Google. So, if  you are planning to design a website, make sure that you follow all the Google endorsed guidelines to escape the penalty. The article illustrates a number of factors that Google hates to see in your website.

If you add paid links in your website, you instigate a direct war with the search engine giant. You can add paid links in your website but use words like sponsor, advertisement and  also add “no follow” tag so that you help Google identify between a paid link and a natural one.

Content has always been the king for the search engines thus trying to fill your website with right set of precise and valuable contents  should be the first priority of yours. Google hates content that are written just for bots and don’t add  value to the page.

Content which doesn’t do any value addition to the users and has been written just for Google’s spider bots is simply unacceptable. If you write contents just to satiate the search engines, you will certainly  fail to  yield any positive outcome.

Thus, organizations accommodate a core team of writers at their place who design and develop quality contents that are relevant and precise in nature. Low quality link building is another component that a search engines hate to see in a website. Creating  huge bunch of artificial links offer no benefits at all since thousand of backlinks yield no tangible benefits at all.

Google algorithm is the whole sole property of the search engine giant. Google doesn’t like any attempt to alter the algorithm in any manner possible. It has been noticed that many SEO services professionals invest good amount of time to figure out how they may influence and manipulate the overall rankings of websites.

All the things quoted above are very important in nature and Google expects that no SEO company or individual breaches the code of conduct in order to ensure legitimate rankings out of the search engine optimization process.   Make sure that you escape any such activity in order to avert Google penalty or permanent site ban.

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