How To Integrate Social Media With E-Commerce

How To Integrate Social Media With E-Commerce ?

Have you noticed that before a month or two, Facebook enabled selling and buying products via Facebook groups? Though, I am not talking it into the details, it could be stated as the finest matching up of social media and e-commerce. You can find too many examples where social media has been consistently setting fortunes for e-commerce ventures. This is why most of the e-commerce companies are now leveraging the social channels to tap their target audience spread across the social channels.

What Does The Social –Ecommerce Integration Mean?

Integration of social media with e-commerce is easy but tricky task. I have frequently noticed that entrepreneurs failed to gather the potential of social media due to one reason or another. Just a few mistakes and they spoil all their effort.

If you’re one among those entrepreneurs who think that having a presence on social media is all that they need to grab the business, you’re at hell end. Remember, people choose social channels for socializing and not shopping.

Choosing The Right Social Network

The integration doesn’t employ hard selling on Facebook and Twitter, but it’s meant to render an opportunity to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. There are numerous social networks out there with pretty a million people hanging around. It’s up to you which one to choose and why.

For an instance, if you have to distinguish among top three namely Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there’re ways to do this. Each of three is completely different in terms of their behavior, their use base and the way they allow conversation.

So what to do? Analyze all the social platforms and list which one is the most suitable for your business. It’s always a better idea to manage a small number of social media networks. It helps you to utilize the channel at its fullest.

Monetizing The Social Mediums

If you haven’t yet incorporated social media into your e-commerce marketing strategy, do it now. Add social buttons on your website.

While placing them, ensure that they are visible to the customers and encourage them to share the products they like and purchase with their friends. Increased social media sharing activities on your website will evidently suggest others that your products are worth buying.

Along with the social network buttons, assign a suitable place for customer reviews as well. A satisfied customer is the best sales person for your product. Give equal emphasis on bad and good reviews from customers.

Irrespective of the review a product fetches, you should remain transparent while publishing them on your website.  A biased approach could drive away business.

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