6 Ways You can Save yourself from Cardiac Arrest

How to Save yourself from Cardiac Arrest?

People are afraid to hear the heart attack, because they have seen hundreds of people die due to heart attack around them. But do you know that if the patient or the people around him follow certain necessary instructions at the right time, then the life of the patient can be saved if the symptoms of heart attack are felt?

Ways to Save yourself from Cardiac Arrest?

In fact, heart attack is the condition of a medical emergency, i.e. the more likely it is to start treatment as soon as its symptoms appear in any person, the more likely it is to survive.

But it is not necessary that whenever a person gets a heart attack, someone who is there to help him or the hospital is present. In such a situation, taking care of some urgent things gives the patient time to reach the hospital at least.

Why Heart Attack Happens?

You know that the flow of blood remains in our body all the time. The right part of the heart pumps the blood in your body to your lungs. From here the oxygen dissolves in the blood and then the blood enters the left part of your heart. The left part of your heart pumps this oxygenated blood and sends it to all parts of the body. A heart attack occurs when the blood does not reach your heart. This causes the cells of the heart to die.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

Apart from this, there may be pain in the middle of the back and also on the spinal cord. Suddenly there is darkness in front of the eyes and begins to lose consciousness, unconsciousness starts scattering. If the person is walking or standing, he can fall while moving.  The person experiences sweating on face and forehead as well as sharp pain comes and feels a lot of heat.

What to Survive From  Heart Attack?

When you feel any symptoms mentioned above, you have to take care of some things. At the right time, following all these instructions, the patient with a heart attack can survive.

First call the ambulance. Call on National Emergency number 102 or know your state Emergency ambulance service number and save it in the phone.  Wherever you sit, sit in the same position. If you have a chair or seat around you, then sit on it. If nothing is there, then sit on the floor.  If your clothes are tight, then loose them immediately. Open the top of the shirt and wear a tie in the neck, then loosen it.

Take deep breaths loudly. The deeper and the faster you breathe, the more oxygen your lungs will get. Consume Aspirin 300 mg immediately. If a person has had a first heart attack or is a victim of high blood pressure, then he should have 2-3 aspirin tablets with him. If you do not have an aspirin tablet, then ask help from people around you.

Immediately after Aspirin put 1 table of nitroglycerin under your tongue and suck it. If there is no shortage of pain, then take 1 more tablet of Nitroglycerin in 15 minutes.

If you do this much only, you will get enough time till the ambulance arrives and you reach the hospital. After reaching the hospital, the doctor can start treatment and care for you. In this way, you can overcome the danger of heart attack with caution. If you have ever had a problem of heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, then have 2 tablets of 300mg aspirin and 2 tablets nitroglycerin in purse or pocket with you.

Tell your family members and family to know about these steps so that their lives can be saved at the right time. Heart attack has become very common nowadays. Even among youths and middle-aged people, cases of heart attack have started increasingly. Therefore, following the information and the right instructions can save the person’s life in this situation.

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