How to See Rail Budget 2019 in Your Smartphone?

In the general budget, there is some announcement for all the sections, but if you leave a particular category, there is a lot of interest in the railway budget.

People want to know about rail fare, new railway schemes, new train etc. The network of train in India is part of everyday life of people and this is the reason why people want to know everything related to the railway budget. The full budget for the year 2019 will be presented in Parliament on July 5.

Rail Budget 2019: A Quick Look

Now the rail budget is not presented separately. NDA government started the tradition of introducing the Rail Budget and the General Budget together in 2016, breaking the tradition of 92 years.

That is, you will now see the railway budget with the general budget. Suresh Prabhu was the last Railway Minister, who presented the Railway Budget separately.

This time the budget will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This is his first term as finance minister.

This is the first budget of the second term of the NDA government. Earlier in February this year, the NDA Government presented its interim budget, which was only for three months. There are many announcements for the common man, farmers and middle class in the new budget.

How to See Rail Budget 2019?

You can go to website of various news channels using your smartphone or laptop to see the rail budget. Here you will find live budget attached to the budget on July 5.

The general budget will be presented in the Parliament on July 5 at 11 a.m. in which the announcements related to the railways will be announced.

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