Instagram’s New Update Makes Unfollowing Easier

Photo Sharing app Instagram is going to make some changes to its user interface (UI) on Android and iOS, and it has got a glimpse of the new updates. After that the app will not only be able to see slim design but it will be easy to unfollow and contact business profiles. Apart from unfollowing people after new updates, it will be easy to message contacts and add some people to the list of close friends. After this update for business profiles it will be easy to see the information of your contacts.

The design page of the new UI has been much clearer than the first and many buttons have been removed. It is possible that new UI updates should be rolled out in several phases or after some feedback from some users to be released for everyone.

Many users posted on twitter also about new UIs and questioned Instagram, but the company has not made any announcement about this change.

The layout of the profile page has changed. For users, the ‘edit profile’ button has been moved below the Followers and Following Numbers count. This button is now showing exactly above the Highlights bar. The ‘Edit Profile’, ‘Promotions’ and ‘Contacts’ buttons are also given above the highlight bar for business profiles.

The new placement of Promotions Button will make it easier for business to keep track of promoted posts. On going to the business profile, users will also see the follow button along with the message buttons as well as the contact button, which will make it easier to contact a business.

Also, on going to someone’s profile, users will see ‘Follow’ and ‘Message’ options above the Highlights bar. If you are already following that user then instead of ‘follow’ you will see ‘Following’ and this option will also get many options.

By tapping this button you will find options like unfollowing the user, adding to the close friends list, notifications and mute. If you tap on notifications, you can customize the settings associated with the profile related notifications. Similarly mute the user’s posts will not show in your feed.

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