Know Rishad Premji, The Next Chairman of Wipro

The IT sector giant Wipro’s command will now be in the hands of Azim Premji’s eldest son Rishad Premji. Azim Premji is retiring as Wipro’s Executive Chairman on July 30. Azim Premji’s eldest son Rishad Premji is from Mumbai. He has graduated in Economics from Wesleyan University and has done an MBA from Harvard. Rishad has worked in different positions in Wipro. Whether it is the Chief Investor Relation and Corporate Affairs or Chief Strategy Officer, he has worked for the better future of Wipro.

Rishad has worked with Bain & Company for two years. Rishad joined Wipro in the year 2007. He joined Wipro as a Business Manager and worked for the company’s Banking and Finance Services Department.

Rishad Premji got his first job in Wipro after many interviews. Once he had told that Wipro’s co-CEO Girish Paranjape had interviewed him when he was in London.

In 2010, Rishad received the position of Chief Strategy Officer in Wipro. Rishad was married to his childhood friend Aditi in the year 2005. Both the two children are Rohan and Riya. Rishad was still the chairman of Nasscom. Rishad commanded Wipro’s command when the Indian IT service industry is going through a challenging phase.

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