Smartphone Safety Tips and Tricks – Be Safe While Charging Phones

There have been many incidents of smartphone bursts so far. Latest is an 11-year-old child got burnt due to overheating of his Samsung tablet. Fortunately, his life was saved. A fire broke out on the child’s bed due to the tablet burst. Last year as well, a similar incident had occurred where Nazreen Hassan was killed due to battery burst.

How to Be Safe While Charging Smartphones?

This is not the first instance of smartphone burst as we have seen many cases before this. There have been many similar incidents in India too. The reason for the fire in smartphones and tablets is the burst of batteries.

You can avoid such incidents by following some steps given below:

1. Don’t use third party charging cable or adapters.

2. Always use the original charging cable and adapter of the smartphone provided by the smartphone maker in the box.

3. In case you have to change your smartphone’s battery, always use the battery of the manufacturer. Do not use local batteries.

4. In addition, never overcharge a smartphone, tablet that’s using a lithium-ion battery device.

5. Never leave your smartphone or any other device around bed, furniture, paper etc. It can reduce the overall chances of battery getting fire.

6. Don’t charge a smartphone by putting it under the pillow.

7. Never keep the smartphone in direct contact to the sunlight.

8. Contact Authorized Centers for repairing the device and batteries.

9. Do not use smartphones or devices while charging and uncover smartphone from the cover while charging.

Hope you find these smartphone safety tips and tricks handy and super awesome. We hope that they will keep you protected against any untoward incident while charging.

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