Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

All over the world, large IT technology companies hire hackers to find flaws in their systems. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are in the forefront. At the same time, there are some hackers who are famous for their big misadventures. If someone hacked millions of credit card numbers, someone has hacked the websites and emails of big leaders from the secret files of the army and weapons. Read on the list of top ten famous hackers of the world.

10 Famous Hackers of the World

Do you know about the world’s biggest hacker who from time to time caught the world with his hacking skills? Friends, if you know about the world’s biggest hacker then it is right. If not, then today we are going to tell you about the world’s largest intelligent hacker, which is very influential in the Internet world. And they have the power to do anything in this Internet world. Read on our list of top 10 famous hackers of the world.

1. Jonathan James:

Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

Jonathan James: The Internet world knows Jonathan James as ‘Comrade’. He may not be in the world today, but at the age of 15, his deeds earned him the title of greatest hacker. It was at this young age that he acquired the power to destroy the American government.

Jonathan had access to almost all US government databases, even, the networks of the Department of Defense and NASA were not out of his reach. James extracted complete information about space station operations from NASA’s network. The value of which was equal to 1.7 million dollars.

2. Albert Gonzalez

Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

In the list of top 10 famous hackers of the world, Albert Gonzalez had credit card details for half of America’s population.

Albert Gonzalez earned crores by selling details of 17 million people ‘credit-debit cards. He also formed a group called ShadowQues. Who earned a lot by selling fake passports, fake health insurance cards and fake birth certificates. Albert Gonzalez was sentenced to two sentences of 20–20 years each after being caught, which are ongoing concurrently.

NASA was forced to shut down its network for a full 3 weeks. Later in 2007 Jonathan was apprehended by the police and made various charges. James denied all charges and committed suicide in 2008.

3. Kevin Mitnick

Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

The story of Kevin Mitnick becoming a computer hacker is very interesting. Kevin has been described as the most wanted cyber criminal of US history.  Two Hollywood films have also been made on Kevin’s life.

After spending three years in jail, he was released under the supervision of 3 years. But was again sent to prison for 2.5 years because he had stolen corporate secrets along with breaching the US National Security Alert Program.

Miknik transformed himself after spending 5 years in prison and later became a consultant. Also started giving tips on computer security to people. Currently Miknik is running his own company working towards cyber security.

4. Kevin Paulson

Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

Kevin Paulson, next in the list of top 10 famous hackers of the world is also known as ‘Dark Dante’. It hacked the system of a radio station and won a show. During this, he kept all phone lines occupied for 15 minutes. After owning a Porsche car in return for winning the show, it was noticed by the FBI.

He later attacked the FBI itself and hacked the FBI’s entire system. Not only this, Kevin Paulson hacked the entire system of a supermarket. For this, he was sentenced to 51 months. Kevin Paulson took journalism after his conviction and is currently a senior editor at Wired News.

Kevin Paulson later assisted the US police and was instrumental in the identification of 744 sex offenders operating on the social networking website MySpace.

5. Gary Mackinnon

Top 10 Famous Hackers of the World

Gary Mackinnon was known as ‘Solo’ in the Internet world. He was the one who hacked the system of the largest military operation in the world. After 13 months, he took full control of 97 computers of the US Army and NASA. Later Gary Mackinnon said that he was only looking for ways to control UFOs and solar power.

But according to US officials, he took control of 300 computers and deleted countless highly sensitive files. It caused a loss of 7 million dollars to the US government. Gary Mackinnon has been fighting his case against the US government for 15 years.

6. Jinson James Ancheta

James Ancheta is considered the master of hackers. He is the next in the list of top 10 famous hackers of the world. In 2004, Jeanson created a virus that would pass its logged-in details to hackers as soon as they entered a computer.

With the help of this virus, Jinson gained access to 5 lakh computers at home and made them accessible to other hackers. The 10th Fell Jeanson hacked several websites from inaccessible computers and recovered money from their owners. The FBI conducted a sting operation in 2005 to apprehend Jinson.

7. George Hotz

It would be wrong to classify George Hotz as a bad hacker. Actually George Hotz never did hacking to harm anyone or steal credit card details. George Hotz only discovered the shortcomings of the technology and forced the companies to rectify it. Especially to a company like Apple.

George Hotz broke all iPhone models and printed them on his blog. George Hotz made public the shortcomings of the iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod. Apple later dragged George Hotz to court but the case was settled out of court. It would not be wrong to call George Hotz a technical informer.

8. Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo is also called a ‘homeless hacker’. Adrian Lamo broke into the security systems of companies like the New York Times and Microsoft.

Adrian Lamo, who lives in poverty, used to work with public internet connections, and would sit in a coffee shop and destroy the security arrangements of big companies and alert them. However, no company gave any help except to applaud him.

That is why he was considered a criminal. The US court put him in a 6 month house arrest with a fine of 65 thousand dollars, as well as 2 years in probation period. Adrian Lamo later took up the profession of journalist, as well as giving tips to people about hacking.

9. Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris is the son of Robert Morris, the chief scientist of the US National Computer Security Center. He first discovered the computer virus and was also the first person to be convicted in a computer fraud case.

While studying at Cornell University, Morris discovered the Morris virus and introduced it into the computer world. This has hurt a lot of companies. Robert Tappan Morris was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Now Robert Tappan Morris teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a professor.

10. Owen Walker

Owen Walker became known as ‘AKKIL’ in the world of computer hacking. He had formed an international group of hackers, that too before his 18th birthday. Owen Walker built the Abbott virus to hold 1.3 million computers and lost $ 26 million before the 18th birthday.

The computer was automatically crashed by the Abbott virus. The virus destroyed the computer system of the University of Pennsylvania, due to which the FBI had to run the operation in conjunction with the New Zealand government, then Owen Walker was arrested. However, in April 2008, the court released him without conviction.

The court said that Owen Walker did not do so in view of the crime nor did he take any advantage. He was just doing it for fun. In such a situation, if he is punished then his future can also be ruined. Currently Owen Walker is the head of the security division of an Australian telecommunications company.

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