Top 9 Most Haunted Places in the World: Visit on Your Risk

It is estimated that nearly over a million people die every day in the world. If you want to live, you have to avoid going to ghost ridden places where ghosts or souls live.

People claim these incidents based on their experiences. Such places are extremely scary. The deaths and murders taken place at those places are considered to be responsible for this.

World’s Top 9 Most Haunted Places

Here is the list of 9 most haunted places in the world.

 1. Letchworth village- Hauned Beyond Imagination

Top 9 Most Haunted Places in the World

This building, named Lechworth Village, in New York was built in 1911. It was a prestigious mental asylum in America. In the 1950s, the world’s first polio vaccine was tested here. In 1921, around 1200 psychiatric patients mostly of small children were admitted there.

In the same year the head physician Dr. Charles Lutley decided to do medical experiments on patients. By 1950, more than 4000 patients began behaving violently with each other, but it was ignored. So patients started to die due to illness and gradually the number of deaths increased.

This center was closed in 1996. From then, reports began to come that there are sounds of laughing, crying and throwing chairs on each other inside the place. People have claimed to have seen some strange shadows around this building.

2. Maple Hill – Scary and Haunted

Maple Hill is an old church in Hannsville Alabama in American. It is called Dead Children’s Playground. In the afternoon, there is a lot of excitement here, but in the evening, the place becomes deserted. It is said that the souls of the children buried here play in the night.

Actually, there is a small playground in this cemetery. People claim that Alabama’s Madison County was quite in news in 60s for kidnapping of the children.

The bodies of these children were found thrown in the playground. The people who passed through the place in night claimed to have seen light and strange sounds in the playground.

3. The Hampton Lillibridge House – Extremely Scary

If you pass through the East St. Julian road in Savannah, Georgia, you will definitely see this Haunted House. This 18th century three-storey house was built by a sailor, but one day his whole family was found dead inside the house.

The servants killed the entire family by poisoning them. Now his soul is seen roaming in and around the house. While passing through this house people often hear funny voices and feel temperature down.

4. The Ostrich Inn – A Haunted Destination

9 Most Haunted Places in the World

The ‘Ostrich Inn’ is the name of a house built in Conbrook village in England by a man named John Gerry. It is said that he was accused of killing 60 people in his house. With his wife he used to boil the bodies of people and hid them in the basement.

The people who visited the place after Gerry had a strange experience. This house had a special room just above the kitchen. Some people say that they found that their bed was embedded in the floor.

While some said that the temperature of the room gradually goes up. Those who lived in this house at night could tell a lot of scary experiences. As if they felt that the floor would now be torn off and they will die.

5. The House of Death – Haunted and Deadly

This ‘House of Death’ is situated in Greenwich Village in New York City. People living here claim that this house is haunted. At the end of the 20th century, this house caused some horrific incidents. It started with the rumors of a murder or suicide.

It is said that in 1987, defense attorney Joel Steinberg murdered his 6-year-old daughter inside this house. According to nameplate, the first owner of this house was Mark Twain. In 1960, it was bought by actress Jan Brian Bartle, but within a week she had some scary experiences.

She claimed to feel like someone touching her neck, the touch of a cold hand, the back of someone’s step in the house and the staunch smell of the dead body etc. Other persons who lived here felt the same experience and some of them died during their stay.

 6. 29 Hanbury Street – Place that Haunts

In 1880, serial killer ‘Jack the Ripper’ and his surgical mutilation came in the light and shocked the entire world.  For the first time it grabbed the media attention globally.

One of the 5 victims of Ripper was Anne Chapman, whose corpse was found on 29 September 1888 on 29 Hanbury Street. His head and uterus were cut off.

Annie’s house was on this road. In 1970, when the northern part of this house was demolished to build a bar, strange incidents began to occur.

Annie’s beheaded ​​ghosts began to appear around the place where her corpse was found. People claim that her ghost is seen on Annie’s death anniversary every year.

7. Old Abbey Ireland – Haunted By Demons

Most Haunted Places in the World

‘Old Abbey’ of Limerick County is in Ireland. It’s allegedly a place where a demon of a black nun lives, which was burnt alive. This place has been named Black Hag’s Cell. People say that the nun used to perform her demonic rituals here.

One day the nun was found completely burnt on the chair outside his home. His face turned yellow from panic. According to the people, the demons had come to take her life but abandoned her soul here on this ground.

8. The Jerome City – City of the Ghost

The Jerome City of American State Arizona is called the City of Ghosts. At the end of the 18th century, Jerome was known for copper mining. The greed for quick money attracted the mining families to settle down here.

But most of the people here died during mining. Jerome is also called ‘The City of Satan People’ in America. It’s believed that people experience scary things on the roads due to the ghosts.

9. Baker Hotel : Normally Haunted Place

Haunted Places in the World

Baker Hotel is in Mineral Wells of Texas which has been closed since 1972. It is said that ghosts stroll in its hall. On the roof of the hotel, people often see a woman wearing white clothes while walking.

It is said that the voice of a child is often heard here, who calls out to his mother and says, ‘These people are disturbing me.’ However, now the hotel is re-opened for the visitors.

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