Toreto Flexo Wireless Headset Review: Truly Power Loaded

Toreto has launched a new wireless headset in India just a few days ago. The headset named Flexo appears to be very similar to  looks like a hairband.

Toureto Flexo Wireless Headset Review

Its comb like design helps you combing your hair on the go. Amazing, isn’t it?   With Toreto Flexo Wireless Headset Review, we will be looking into  its features here to find if it can meet your expectations or not.

Toreto Flexo Specifications & Price

Toureto Flexo wireless headset features Noise Cancellation and packed with Bluetooth 4.0. The device is loaded with high-Fi stereo and it can be easily connected to any device from Android, iPhone, tablet and laptop.

It has a 140mAh battery and the company claims that it can offer 10 hours of backup. Tortito Flexo is available in black color variant at a price tag of Rs 2,349 on Amazon.

Toreto Flexo Design

Toreto Flexo Wireless Headset Review

If looking on the design front, you can see how hard company has worked to make it matchless. Toureto Flexo wireless headset can be easily folded into pocket and tagged in the T-shirt.

Its build quality is good with beautiful glossy finishing. Its buds has long wire which you can put in with the help of a button and pull it out if needed.

For example, if you want to use it as headphone (above the head) then you does not have to remove the buds with the wire, while on the other hand if you want to use it as a neckband, you can drag the wire out.  The headset has a button on the right side for calling.

You can also find a Micro USB charging port on the right side. The power and volume buttons have been given in right as well. The problem with the device is that you can’t adjust it as your needs. Its design won’t disappoint you much.

Toreto Flexo Performance

Toreto Flexo Wireless Headset

As far as the performance is concerned, Toureto Flexo’s sound is very good and clear. The base is also great and the sound does not annoy.

There is also vibration support for calling and pairing. In such a case, if you are not around the phone then headphone vibrates if incoming call is waiting to be picked up.

With the headset, you will get a backup of up to 8 hours. Its battery takes up to 3 hours to fully charge the headset.

Toreto Flexo Connectivity

As far as connectivity is concerned, Toureto Flexo wireless headset can be easily connected to an iPhone or Android device.

Apart from this, you will find no problem at all while talking on the phone. When it comes to performance, Flexo leaves its competitors far behind.

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