What is 5G Technology and How Does it Work?

Let’s have a look on what is 5G, how fast it is from 4G, and how long it is likely to be in the market. Let’s have a look on all these things.

Samsung calls 5G technology wireless fiber that lets you find super-fast low-latency internet in every place. Apart from this, the 5G network is going to be faster than any home cable internet connection.

What is 5G Technology

What is 5G Technology

5G can be called an industry standard, which is going to be far better than the ongoing 4G LTE standard. The way 4G replaced 5G, the fifth-generation network of 4G has been replaced by 5G.

Everyone is excited about 5G network, and it is believed that it is going to be quite faster than the 4G. In comparison to 4G that currently offers 100 megabytes (100Mbps per second) internet speed, 5G is capable of offering 10Gigabites per second.

This means that the 5G network is going 100 times faster than the 4G network, the biggest internet speed ever.

For example, currently on 4G and 3G networks, you can download a two and a half hour movie in 6 minutes and 26 hours. Now with 5G you can download this movie in just 3.6 seconds.

In addition, you will also get better speed and low latency on 5G network. This means your downloading time is going to get faster, and the response is also going to be much better.

How Does 5G Technology Work?

5G network Works on a brand new radio spectrum band in the 5G network. The network uses 5G millimeter waves. Then it broadcasts a frequency which works at 30 to 300 GHz.  This band is currently used for 4G.

So far, this technology was used for communication between satellites and radar systems, although millimeter waves can’t travel easily from among any building or any other solid object.

So a small miniature based station is installed at almost every 250 meters to offer you great network coverage at any place.

These base stations also use the massive MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output).  It may also be that you have a home wireless router that works on MIMO technology, which means that it has many antennas, which can work in coordination between many different devices. Massive MIMO can use many antennas at the same time at the same base station and at the same time.

5G Technology: Availability

Verizon is the first telecom operator that is offering a non-standard 5G version to its users in USA. It’s also used as home internet in almost 5 different cities. However, the devices that support 5G can’t be connected with it. By 2020 we will be seeing this service in many countries.

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